美國原裝進口PIPEDREAM.Fetish Fantasy系列-SM豪華束縛靠枕 Deluxe Position Master with Cuffs

Fetish Fantasy Series - Deluxe Position Master with Cuffs
Let your imagination take you beyond your physical limits with the incredible Deluxe Position Master with Cuffs. This inflatable position pillow has a hollow center designed to anchor a super strong nylon strap, which then connects to a pair of heavy-duty metal cuffs. Once your subject is bent over the wedge-shaped pillow and strapped in, theyre unable to move or escape while their hands are cuffed to the straps heavy-duty O-ring centerpiece.

The inflatable wedge allows you to explore and enjoy new positions you never thought were possible, all while your subject is comfortably restrained! The velvety-soft flocked vinyl feels great against your skin and its made to play hard. Insert the nylon strap through the Position Master while its deflated, then inflate the wedge and adjust the strap to fit snugly around your partner. The thick nylon strap features a plastic clip and buckle to prevent your lover from escaping, and the metal cuffs feature quick release levers just in case you lose the keys.

The air seal valve makes inflating the wedge a snap, and when the fun is over, simply deflate the Position Master and its ready to go where you go. Its perfect for those romantic getaways and no one will know whats in your bag!

美國成人玩具第一大廠PIPEDREAM所推出的-Deluxe Position Master with Cuffs - SM束縛靠枕


■規格: 詳如圖片標示。
■商品內容: 充氣靠枕×1、金屬手銬×1。 
■注意: SM道具請以安全、清醒、非強迫為使用原則, 使用前請先徵得對方的同意。