美國原裝進口PIPEDREAM.Fantasy C-Ringz系列-Silicone Ball Stretcher老二加強鎖精環(破盤出清商品)

Fantasy C-Ringz - Silicone Ball Stretcher
When you’re looking for the ultimate tug on your testicles, the Silicone Ball Stretcher will have your balls swinging between your legs and feeling amazing! Made from our body-safe, medical-grade Elite Silicone, this super-smooth stretcher keeps your balls pushed down without chafing or discomfort. The ring gently pulls down on your nuts and prevents them from retracting upward, delaying ejaculation and prolonging the fun.

The silicone stretcher can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time and even underneath your clothing to make your package look impressive! It provides a perfect tug every time, yet doesn’t stick to your skin or body hair.

The Easy-Grip™ tabs on both sides of the ball stretcher make putting it on and taking it off a breeze. The phthalate-free, latex-free Elite Silicone can be enjoyed in full confidence with water-based lubricants. Cleanup is a snap after the fun with toy cleaner and warm water. Use plenty of Moist for an extra wet, extra wild encounter!

FANTASY C-RINGZ系列,材質採用醫療等級矽膠,安全素材百分百無毒,對人體無害、低過敏,是市面上最安全的性玩具,表面光滑柔細無氣孔,觸感柔細且容易清洗不易殘留細菌。

Silicone Ball Stretcher 具有高彈性高伸展性,可將它套在老二根部或是蛋蛋根部,通過對勃起陰莖根部或蛋蛋根部施加一定壓力,鎖住海綿體血液回流,以物理性方式進而讓玉柱更大更堅硬,同時阻止輸精管噴,可達到延時鎖精之功效,是男人閨方秘器,

■尺寸: 詳如圖片標示。 
■材質: 醫療等級安全無毒矽膠。
■商品內容: 延時鎖精環、保濕潤滑液10ml、玩具清潔液10ml。